Topic: Advice for a beginner?

I am new to MM; I purchased the shampoo sample pack and have tried a few of them. The website suggests purchasing all five shampoos, but financially this is not an option for me right now. I'm looking for some input as to which product(s) would be best to start with ~ preferably one to three shampoos, as well as the zen detox and possibly a conditioner.

I have very thin, very fine wavy hair. It's about shoulder length with some layering. My hair gets VERY greasy within about 24 hours, and due to the waviness, the ends tend to get dry. I have to be very careful with conditioners, as many varieties weigh down my hair; I have also tried coconut oil or jojoba oil just on the tips, but find this leaves my hair greasy.

I am recently recovering from trying the baking soda/ACV routine, which caused terrible breakage and damage to my hair. Since quitting the "no poo" routine, I had a trim to remove most of the damage, and have been desperately searching for a natural, pH balanced hair care routine. I need to balance my greasy scalp, as well as strengthen my hair and grow back the breakage!

Any personal suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. We have hard water in my area, but my home has a water softener system. I was considering buying a shower head filter, as suggested in other posts, but am wondering if this is necessary?

Re: Advice for a beginner?

Hi! I have very thin, fine hair and can relate to all of those concerns. I had used BS/ACV for a long time, then rye flour, rice wash water, seaweed... before moving on to MM. The Earth shampoo is my favorite since day 1 but I do like to rotate, and have found myself liking different shampoos more that I originally didn't care for as time goes on. Right now Earth, Heavenly, and Air I consider "best" but I haven't used the other two as much lately. I also just realized how much nicer the shampoo is to use when shaken together with water in a small bottle, as opposed to mixing in a small bowl like I used to, it's combined so much better. These little things can make a difference.

I couldn't use oils on my hair because it just seemed to make it "gross", so I stopped trying, but I do really love to pre-oil my hair before washing, that yields amazing results. I also read to never put oil that you aren't washing out soon on dirty hair (similarly, don't condition until you are sure your hair is fully clean, may apply less to MM products though), and for leave-in oils to use so little you can't tell you have applied it. I used an ayurvedic hair typing guide to figure out which oils work best with my hair, coconut oil is the worst I've tried which lined up with that guide, sesame being my best (haven't used the euro oil much yet).

MM conditioners don't weigh my hair down at all, though that used to be a huge issue for me with conventional products. I couldn't understand how anyone could conditioner-only, but the MM ones are really different. The Pearl I have even used without shampooing, I never thought I could use something with shea butter (which it has), but it works. The conditioners also have clays which help with gentle cleaning. It's just an all over different experience. Lotus is my *favorite* conditioner, it just... works. I only use the leave-in sprays for detangling (and only use 3~ sprays to the bulk of my hair), but they haven't caused weighing down or "over-conditioning" effects ever.

I don't know anything about softener systems, but I can kinda tell how a hair product is going to work in water by checking how well the water combines with something or how regular soap reacts. Those are probably just generic hard water tests, though. For example, when I used baking soda I had to boil the water to get it to combine.