Topic: Hair Staining?. I've been noticing

Are MM products staining my hair yellow-ish?
I have been using MM for over a year, rotating all 5 shampoos. My hair is NOT color treated; it is naturally brown with silver streaks. The silver has turned yellow, which I don't like on me. I've tried several processes to remove the yellowness without luck. I am not interested in using anything (henna or chemical hair dyes) to change the color, I just want my natural color back.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Re: Hair Staining?. I've been noticing

Looking at Anthony's hair color, I wouldn't think that's normal! I even read something about the Diamond Crystal Mist de-yellowing grays. Maybe there's something in your water that isn't being washed away by the MM shampoo, which other shampoos took care of? I wouldn't be able to see that change on my hair, so I can't comment personally.

Re: Hair Staining?. I've been noticing

Good Afternoon Gailables. I do apologize for the late response. If you have very white hair, yes, there is a small chance that your hair could be yellowing. This is because we are using clays to wash your hair, pulling out and off those debris. Yellowing hair can also be the result of pollution and water quality in the home. Because out products do not have chlorine/chloride in them, sometimes we see client's hair changing color. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses do help this.