Topic: Proportions

Hi, I have jaw length brown hair which is very fine and layered. When I use the Light Brown Henna, Indigo with Amla (whole packets) there is too much mixed henna that I do not use and it gets thrown away. Is there a correct proportion of Amla, Henna and Indigo that will allow me more colorings w/o wasting it?

My hair has never been in such good shape. It has a lot of shine.
Thanks for your help.


Re: Proportions

Good Afternoon Kathy. Thank you for reaching out, and I do apologize for the delayed response. You may absolutely use less than one packet, as one packet is designed for medium-thick shoulder length hair. Go ahead and maybe use about half of the current amounts you are at the moment. It is still better to have mixed more than less, and in your case, it is a bit of an experiment to find the correct amounts.