Topic: Water temperature affect on detox?

I'm curious about the water temperature everyone uses while washing their hair. My hair can easily get too oily as a reaction of hot/warm water, or too flat from cold water (even as just a final rinse), so I stick to about room temperature now.

I believe I hurt my hair and scalp from using too hot water my whole life, since I feel colder than is normal and crave heat. I suspect this sort of thing could play a role for more people, too.

Re: Water temperature affect on detox?

Good Afternon Ajlez. Absolutely. Both extremely hot and very cold water can damage your scalp and hair. We which every temperature makes you comfortable. Typically nice, warm, water does the trick. If you are finding that your hair is a certain way with different temperatures, it is good that you have done some external research. Are you using MiM shampoos and conditioners?