Topic: Highlights & toner

I began using your products about 6 weeks ago and like most new users have been going through a detox period ever since and can't wait until I get past it.  I've never had so much hair fall but understand that is part of the process.  Using Zen detox masks and ACV as a rinse periodically really helps with reducing the oiliness and shampooing. However, I think they may have accelerated the fading of my blonde highlights and it seems what gray I had is far more noticeable now.  As bad is it may be for my hair, I really like the way I look with some highlights and plan to get a touch up soon. My question is regarding the use of toner.  My hairstylist briefly applies toner (that does not contain hydrogen peroxide) to my scalp and hair after washing out the highlights to reduce brassiness and even out my hair color. I know the highlights are bad enough but how harmful is the use of toner especially while detoxing?  Is there anything short of forgoing the toner that would make it less harmful?

Re: Highlights & toner

Good Morning Sally. Yes, detox can be pretty rough. At the moment your body is pushing out all synthetic chemicals in an effort to get clean. In this case, this means your dyes. Your detox will continue and be a little more on the harsh side, should you continue to dye your hair. If you can, maybe waiting until detox is over is best. Your scalp is working very hard at the moment. 

Toner is not great either. It includes many harmful ingredients, aside from HP. 

I hope this helps some nomicons/smile