Topic: 4 months still oily

I have thin oily hair It's been a long 4 months of nightmarish detoxing. My hair is getting better but that isn't saying much if you could have seen my hair at the beginning of the detox. Last week I did the mud detox and I almost cried. My hair finally felt and looked clean! It was 80°outside and I wore my hair down just because I finally could. However when I use the shampoos my hair is oily and right back up in ponytails and headbands. I do notice some shampoos make my hair more oily than others but it's oily none the less. When I use the bb brush I just feel like it makes my ends oily and gross looking. I know it takes time, patience blah blah blah but four months with only one day I felt like my hair was beautiful is getting to me. Is there something I can do to help my hair produce less oil? Or how to speed up the process?

Re: 4 months still oily

I understand I have oily hair but last night I used the fire shampoo that is supposed to be good for oily hair. This morning my hair looks and feels like it wasn't washed. I don't even want to touch my hair because my hands feel gross. Could it be that the shampoo isn't pulling enough oil from my hair when I wash it?  I wash it twice about every 3 days, use the messager, use a bb brush and my hair just doesn't feel clean. I'm already 4 months in so I'm not giving up but I'm desperate for the beautiful clean hair everyone is talking about.