Topic: Changed your Advice on Conditioners?

It seemed like before you said the idea was to not need conditioner (and specifically recommending people in detox to not use conditioner), but now my inquiry is responded with telling me that it's better WITH the conditioner, but will still work if I just use the shampoo?

In addition, I had asked if it would be good to get the sampler pack first and then use those bottles for dilution, and was told that wouldn't be good because see-through bottles would be better (I'm trying to locate some to order - it sounds like small 2-3 oz bottles will work best?). Now the customer service person is telling me that it's a good idea to start with the trial pack and then use those bottles.

I bought a full shampoo set, a brush, and two head massagers. I currently only chemical shampoo once every two or three days. I need to order a showerhead filter to reduce the iron content, but otherwise hope that my detox isn't too long.

Please update me on your reasoning for changing your recommendations on conditioners. Thanks.

Also hoping I don't regret the choice to get the full boars head brush instead of the one mixed with nylon.

Re: Changed your Advice on Conditioners?

dont use any conditioner it will be harmful for your hair