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Topic: Help Anthony!!!

Hello Anthony!

What can I do to relax my hair naturally, as I have naturally wavy hair???  I do NOT want to use heat appliances like a hair straightener, which I know you strongly advise people to not use, as it actually burns the hair. I asked my mother and sister, since I am guy, and both of them who have hair like mine said that they use a straightener when they want to straighten their hair. 

Also, I am in the process of thickening the hair on my scalp, which is taking off really well, largely due to the usage of your AWESOME products which are like magic!  I am currently focusing on using the Fire, Air and Earth shampoos along with the Zen Detox powder. My question on this topic is how often can I cut my hair for the thickening effects take place as quickly as possible???  Would it be best to alternate the thickening trims with a root work trim and or a lengthening trim, as lengthening my hair is another goal of mine???  It is my goal to grow my hair down to the bottom of my lower back.  

Also in your opinion what is the best type of item to use when one needs to tie one's hair back???

I look forward to your advice and insight.  Keep up the great work with you AWESOME products, as they are EXACTLY what the world needs!!!

Re: Help Anthony!!!

use proper remedies of hair care