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Topic: Scalp psoriasis questions

Hi there!

I have had fairly severe scalp psoriasis for the last twenty years or so.  I have been using the MM shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizing sprays for about a week.  I'm brushing with the boar bristle brush and using the scalp massager per the YouTube video instructions.  I'm hoping I can receive a little more guidance and input.

My hair is fairly long, to the middle of my back.  Thankfully, it has never been colored and is fairly healthy.  My biggest issues include a red, flakey scalp and occasional itching.  

Is anyone able to provide me with some insight into the following?  

-I bought the trial size products and am about to run out.  I would like to re-order, however am not sure all of the shampoos agree with my scalp.  I *think* I've noticed the pine shale, the earth essence and the heavenly essence seem to work the best. What are your thoughts about these for scalp psoriasis?

- Because of the length of my hair, I do need conditioner.  Which one would be the best for my scalp?

-How often should I use the euro oil?  I found I had to use an ACV rinse along with the MM shampoo to get the euro oil out completely.  Is that alright?  If so, how often can I use an acv rinse?  My scalp seems to respond to oiling quite well.

-Lastly, would you recommend any elixirs, or is it too early at this point?  I would love to experience relief and healing from this unsightly condition as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help and your time! nomicons/smile