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Hi everyone! I am new here and to the morocco method! I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help answer... so here goes.

1] What is the New Moon good for... I can't find anything on the blog about cutting with the new moon? Should you cut or not cut on the new moon?
2] Is it better to cut on the Solstices and Equinoxes or the Full Moons?
3] Do the Solstices and Equinoxes have specific hair goals attached to them? For example is the Winter Solstice better for lengthening or thickening where as the Spring Equinox is better for beautifying and root work? 

Thanks for the help in advance!
Have a great day

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 In regards to the blunt end snip, how is the best way to do that on layered hair, since it is growing out from being cut short. Should I just focus on the longest wet ends after combing down. 

Thank you all so much, Roxana

Re: Newbie Questions

Each lunar hair goal has products that correspond to it. Ideally these products should be used on days surrounding your lunar hair cut and the goal that matches it. You can also used these products on any lunar day that matches your lunar goal.
On days that don’t match your lunar goals you can use Arganrain hair care shampoo as I advised.

Re: Newbie Questions

Hi, I have oily roots and otherwise dry hair, I was recommended a moisture holding shampoo that worked very well but were not of natural ingredients. Im very impressed with the look of the MM products but not sure which one would be most appropriate for my oily/ dry and thinning hair combo?? Thanks