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Dear Anthony,

Im' just getting started using these products and was wondering if there is a right order to rotate the shampoos in, or can i just pick my own order?

I"m thinking that i like your products, i've only been using the air and fire shampoo, and plan to order the other 2 flavors next month to do all 4.  I started using them about 3 weeks ago and i think i am seeing some new baby hairs on my hairline already, so i can't wait to see what using all of them will do. 

I also have the detox and was wondering, does it matter if i start massaging it as soon as i get in the tub, or should i let it sit a while and massage right before i get out?  i want to get as much benefit from it as i can.

I don't need to wash my hair very often, but we do need to shower at the end of the day where i work.  So i put some acv in a squeeze bottle and put that on my hair and rinse it a little to dilute it down more.  I'm i correct in diluting it?  it seems to have a very fermented apple smell, i didn't think i shoud walk around smelling like it.
It's very soothing to my scalp, so if any of the people at home have an irritated scalp, it's worth a try. 

Also, i find the moon cycles very interesting.  Do you have any suggestions on where to go to learn more about it's effects on our hair and bodies?

I usually have an eye for gimmicks, but something is telling me MM is worth a try. thanks for all your help.

Oh, one more thing, is it a bad idea to leave the shampoos in a hot car?  i carry mine with me to work or the gym and often will have errand along the way.  we have about 90 degree weather right now and i always worry that leaving stuff in the oven-like car will cause it to deteriorate.  Is this a valid concern?  i have been sticking them in my purse and taking them with me if i need to stop somewhere.


Re: various questions

Dear Kathy
first of all alternate the shampoos anyway you wish the only concern here is to alternate them one each time.  all 4 is the best for thinning hair.

***UDPATE: There are now 5 MM Shampoos and 6 MM conditioners.***

Massage detox in the beginning of the treatment so its  into all the hair follicles and also at the end for best results.

the smell of the acv does go away quite quickly.  Would not be concerned about this one unless someone complains its quite natural.

As for Lunar haircutting dates I have learned direct from Shamans and tribal sources. But would suggest perhaps going on line and seeing where search brings you.  Sorry on this one I dont use any books for my sourcing.

90 degrees is not that hot.  Our shampoos do not like to be in direct sunlight like in someones shower window.  Nor over 100 its too toasty.  Perhaps just leave them in a cool bag (like the ones used for food)  in your car this should be perfectly OK.

And thanks for going truly 100% Natural and simply Pure.
and for the great compliments

Great Hair and Thicker/stronger also