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Hi, I just started using MM products since yesterday. I did Zen detox yesterday and used Pine Shale shampoo today. While I felt good it totally killed the shine and the texture is very strange as if my hair is mixed with mud. Also I started brushing too and lots of hair is shedding. I am in desparate need to reserve/regrow my hair and MM is my last home - I am totally with Anthony about Rogaine. What could I be possibly doing wrong? or is this normal when first using the products? Any comments/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Dear Anthony,
I just received the products today.  I used the Zen Detox and my hair never felt so clean.  However, I also used the conditioner and my hair became dried. In attempt to condition it, I put olive oil on it.  This did not work,  I reverted back to my old shampoo.  I know... big mistake.  I feel  like Sophia, in that I need to reserve/regrow.  I brushed my hair after the shower and notice hair shedding as well.  A little more than this a detox process to get rid of the bad hair?  What shampoo do I start with?  I did try Fire to get rid of the olive oil.  I will not do olive oil again in my hair.  I need to order the mist conditioner.  My problem is that I have naturally curly hair and it tangles very easliy and it is very dry.  Any comments would be great.  Should I up the detox or stick with the once for the next four weeks? Sorry for all the questions.

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when first using MM one will experience a detox reaction like dull, flat and hair fall out
all of this is a natural course toward wellness and restoration

Suggest One only uses MM for 30 days and see the total change.
its generally alot of wax and toxic build up on the hair follicles that are being detoxed

also hair fall out is hair that will fall out anyway not to be alarmed it will come back again.

as shocking as this seems it will all be great when the scalp rejuvenates itself and produces healthy hair follicles.

Get Educated stay focused and time and patience is the key element here.

See all the testimonals on detox and see for yourself this is thee process
Once over the beginning stages its all quite worth the short time journey

Great Hair and Education


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Thank you so much for your feedback on the issue of detoxing.  I ordered the conditioning mist.  I am very excited about getting the products. 

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Thanks for your answer. I will stick with the products for 30 days. This forum is such an encouragement and resource!