Topic: Washing scalp/hair everyday?

I hear different things on this one. I for one have a type of hair that if I don't wash everyday, it looks horrid and I must wear it up. Many say washing everyday is bad for your scalp. The scalp should not be clean all the time, but it needs to have some of it's own sebum to help keep it healthy and to encourage growth. Then some say as long as you use wholesome products that it's fine to shampoo everyday. Which is correct? If it's not advisable to shampoo everyday, what is the minimum amount of time to go between washes?

Re: Washing scalp/hair everyday?

When one is using a truly 100% NATURAL shampoo with NO chemicals its quite safe to shampoo daily we actually have swimmers/athletes who shampoo 2 to 3 times daily with no side effects at all.
Since our shampoos are 100% Natural Botanicals and marine proteins there is no stripping away of ones natural oils nor dryness to ones scalp and hair follicles.
Use In Good Health and Education
Anthony Morrocco