Topic: Are your products tear free?


I am going to be placing my first order today.  I will definately be using these products as will my husband, but I am wondering if they are tear free.  I would like to use them on my 21 month old, but inevitably both shampoo and conditioner end up getting on her face and in her eyes every time we shampoo.  She loves the water, and water and bubbles get everywhere.  She has curly hair that is very dry, almost like hay sometimes (she got the hay part from me, but mine is straight and very fine).  We have a well and the water is very harsh even though we have a filter and softener system.  I'm hoping these products will help us all out.

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Re: Are your products tear free?

Our products are not tear free.
they add chemicals to shampoos that produce this amazing result but not a good thing to use.
Our products are 100% botanical and marine proteins
but watch out for the eyes/
great Health
Anthony Morrocco