Topic: Oily hair and euro organic oil

I have been observing hair loss in the front of the head for about 4-5 years. My hair is oily. I am considering using MM products, and I would like to know

1) should I use euro organic oil for my hair? Are there any special directions about using it for oily hair?

2) what combination of shampoos should I use?

3) how often should I wash my hair?

your advice is appreciated

Re: Oily hair and euro organic oil

First of all for oily hair Euro Natural Oil is not suggest for use until your oil glands come back to normal.

***UDPATE: There are now 5 MM Shampoos and 6 conditioners.***

Suggest alternating all 4 shampoos one each time.

Daily shampooing is suggested but one can go every other day if desired but not twice per day.

Brushing and scalp massaging is quite necessary here to  get your oil glands into harmony.

Also Our Zen Detox weekly will do wonders for a oily scalp.

Great Health and Hair


Re: Oily hair and euro organic oil

Anthony, thank you for the explanation. I ordered Zen detox and the trial size set of shampoos to join the 5-element community nomicons/smile I will be reporting the results, and I will get ready to be patient.

I have one more question: I do intensive workouts 4-5 times a week. Would you suggest that I shampoo my hair each time after training?

Thanks again!

Re: Oily hair and euro organic oil

Shampooing once daily is more then enough
for work outs and general sweating and after swimming suggest using straight apple cider vinegar from a health food store.
must be organic/unpasteurized/natural/unfiltered  any brand will do.
simple rinse off with the acv and then rinse out the acv its a perfect ph and alkaline balancer for hair and skin.

Great Health

Re: Oily hair and euro organic oil

Antony, thank you for this great advice. I am very pleased with this forum! Thank you for your work!