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   I was wondering if I go the routine for the Elixirs right for a person with hairloss and a normal scalp....

For two weeks (1-2):
AM: Grape seed Elixir
PM: Diamond Crystal Elixir

Rest for two weeks (3-4)

For two weeks (5-6)
AM: Grape seed Elixir
PM: Diamond Crystal Elixir

Rest one month (7-10)

Begin using other elixirs...
week 11: Apollo
week 12: Pele
week 13: Poseidon
week 14: God-Dess

Should I then rest for 1 month or two weeks before starting the routine over again?

Should this routine be done through out the whole year?

Is this the best routine for me? or should I be doing it differently? if so how?

If I have hairloss, should I be using the euro organic oil everyday along with these elixirs?

Should I also continue using the Volumizer and Diamond mist spray like usual?

Thank you so much for you time!!

Re: How to use Elixirs

FIRST USE THE GRAPESEED ELIXIR for one month or until its gone

then USE THE GOLDEN DIAMOND ELIXIR for one month until its gone

rest for one to two weeks then start with the other 4 elixirs one each week

so use one at a time not one in the am and then pm the same day/week

do not use the euro oil when using the elixirs NOT NECESSARY:

yes rotate the sprays as normal one per day

hope this is clear

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Re: How to use Elixirs

Ciao Antonio!

I used the Silver and Gold Elixirs a few months ago. I'm about to complete two cycles of the four Elemental Elixirs. Is it best to begin another round of Silver and Gold Elixirs right away, or wait? If so, how many weeks?

Grazie, Maestro!
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Re: How to use Elixirs

I also have a follow-up question on the four Elemental Elixirs...should one continue to use the Elixirs in this rotation (waiting a week before beginning again) until all are gone?  Are the Elixirs effective for use during the Fall and Winter months or should they only be used during the Spring and Summer? 



Re: How to use Elixirs

use one elixir silver for one month
then wait one week
then do the golden for one month
wait one week
then alternate the 4 oils one per week each week
then wait one week
repeat program.

they are excellent to use during any season


Re: How to use Elixirs


Just to make sure, you use the elixir once a day right? Either in the AM or in the PM, and the same goes for all of them.

thanks for answering my questions!

Re: How to use Elixirs

One generally uses the elixirs
alittle in the am
them more in the late afternoon and alittle before going to bed
once per day is also good  if so then use in the pm early enough to give it a chance to soak in before bedtime.

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