Topic: Black or White?

Is it really a question of Black or White???

I have began my journey with these incredible mm-products for a year now. Of
course I recognized the very difference compared to all other hair-care
lines I have ever used.
But one question I still have...

As I still bleach my hair I know that this is not the way, which align  with the philosophy of mm "going truely natural". But for some good reason I have to bleach my hair and I really would like to know if it  is really a
question of   b l a c k   or   w h i t e, so...can I expect results, even hair-regrowth or is it a MUST of doing the WHOLE  PROGRAMM, in short...does it make sense to go on with mm or do I destroy every good aspect which mm surely offers, when I go on with bleaching my hair?


Re: Black or White?

its killing all the life force for ones hair collicles, chi/life forces and also the gases go into ones scalp into ones blood stream and on and on and on.....

yes its black and white
MM start the journey and continue
if one continues to bleach then its USELESS TO DO ANYTHING NATURAL as one is shocking the roots, growth patterms and right down to the blood stream and glands.

so yes go on a journey and continue as much natural as comfortable
just bleach and stay in the salon mode....

sad but true one cannot have the pie and eat it also:::::::.......

Be gentle with yourself the life you save may be your own


Re: Black or White?

Thank you Anthony, your answer is appreciate so much!