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Every winter i get psoriasis just above my right temple, right on my hair line.
i have been using Morrocco products exclusively for a while-4-6 months.  I have it again-pretty bad this year.  Any suggetions?  I've been trying the Euro oil, doesn't seem to help.

Re: psoriasis

I have similar condition as this, the problem is more internal then external. I think we both need Krill oil, I made my order today.

Check out this vid and site:

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Re: psoriasis

suggest doing our 4 elixir oils
earth, air, water and fire

its the best for skin and scalp conditions:
its not dry skin as much as a dis ease .....

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suggest alternating them one each time
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Re: psoriasis

I have scalp psoriasis too. Celtic or Dead Sea salt internally helps. I also take homeopathic sulfur by Boiron. Avoid anything tight-fitting around the head. Take care not to scratch affected areas. The fewer processed foods, the better. A diet with fresh fruits and vegetables really helps. Regular exercise to maintain healthy circulation. MM products have really improved my condition.

Wishing you good health and beautiful hair,
JMS nomicons/smile