Topic: NO BANGS???

Mr. Morrocco,
Would you please explain to me exactly why bangs or shorter layers in the front, is not recommended? I have been MM exclusive for 8 months now. I really like how my hair feels and would not dream of using anything else. I am in the process of growing all one length. My hair is a little shorter than shoulder length and my bangs are now almost touching my top lip, but this hairsyle does nothing at all for framing my round face. I have had to stop myself many times from cutting the bangs off--it's really driving me crazy.
Of course I only want to do what will be best for my hair though so I wonder: WHY NO BANGS??


to cut ones hairline is the point here.
its likes waves on the shoreline
ones hair line is the ocean
and ones forehead is the beach
so when the bangs are cut it disturbs the natural flow of ones hair when brushing and styling.
so i only suggest bangs for with with a very high forehead for covering the forehead
but that would be the only reason to cut bangs.
there is more on this in "search" on this forum

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