Topic: Using Elixirs


I have started using the Silver Grapeseed elixir about 1 week ago, I have been using it in the am after towel drying my hair, then before going to bed again. (I have been washing my hair with your shampoos also) Can I do this regime everyday? Is it ok that I'll be using my elixir in less than one month? Does it matter that my elixir will last for 2weeks? Then I should stop for 2weeks and start the Golden Diamond Elixir? Thankyou!

Re: Using Elixirs

Dear TeeRose

yes using the elixirs at your own pace
it does not matter if you use one up in two or 4 weeks.
using daily is a good thing to do am and pm
then rest two weeks
and start again with the next elixir.

Happy Holidays/Health/Hair