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Hello Anthony and Fellow List Members

First off I would like to say I am very excited to have
found this wonderful forum.  It's exactly what I've been looking for.

My boyfriend and I are in our mid forties and both dealing
with thinning/loss of hair.   We don't use any chemicals of any kind (except MSM just recently) on or in our bodies.  I would like to think we eat extremely well, we try to eat mostly raw green leafy vegetables incorporating superfoods, bee pollen, phytonutrients, such as sea vegetables, spirulina, goji berries, maka, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, no white sugar or alcohol.  We also eat clean meat and eggs to insure we are getting the protein we need in addition to juicing everyday. 
We both just started taking MSM the first of this year 2008.
In addition to this I am taking  Fo-Ti ( Ho Shou Wu) a chinese herb known to help reestablish hair growth and color.
There are so many factors regarding hair loss, diet/nutrition, stress, genetics,
parasites, pollution/environment, exercise....ect making hair loss a long standing mystery.

Anyway I was wondering if you are familiar with Fo-Ti (Ho-Shou-Wu and MSM being used to help people grow their hair back and secondly why my hair would be thinning  out at the base of the skull?  All and all it has thinned everywhere but it's very obvious here  because my hair at the crown has outgrown the hair at the base to
the nape of my neck by 3 inches.  Last year during this time I had it cut off even
at the shoulders because of it scraggly uneven unhealthy look.
My hair is fairly long now below my shoulders by 3 inches, somewhat fine hair with a  soft Bochelli  like curl but again back to looking scraggly and thinned out at the bottom.
I've been using Aubrey on my hair for the most part washing every 2 days
or so and conditioning  every day or every other day.  I just started the diluted vinegar rinses last year and I believe it has  helped along with cold water rinses.
I also try to use  the coconut oil 1 x week at night and
to deter any microorganisms  that may be the culprit I occassional use a mix of
Pure Essential Oil Lavender and Tea Tree.  I think this has all helped but it has been a long haul and my hair is no where near it what it use to be.  I am not happy with
the way my hair looks, to me it is dull and sometimes my scalp itches especially when I put my hair up in a ponytail.  It is a tingly itch which remains a mystery to me since I don't color treat my hair or use any type of chemicals and eat very healthy compared to most.
Which by the way 90% of the time I let my hair dry naturally and sometimes use
sponge curlers. 
I will tell you the past two  three  years have been somewhat stressful on the home front and my hair was falling out by the handfuls.  I went to my chiropractor and found out my thyroid was out of balance ( probably from stress).  I went on  Standard Process vitamins and started eating better (as mentioned above) and for the most part  eliminated the stress and my hair is doing much better but it's still not growing evenly and is still thin to me.
I purchased your hair repair system plus today  for my boyfriend and I to use
with the hopes we can revitalize our hair and correct the problems.
I've been planning on getting back into yoga and now after reading your recommendations I will start doing this as well.
As far as my boyfriend he has that beautiful dark thick curly hair but  is faced with the typical male pattern baldness  in which case he has tried everything "Naturally" to correct.    If your hair system does not work for him I think he is considering the hair follicular ( sp?)  transplant treatment only if it can be done without taking rogaine or any type of drugs.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this as well.
One last thing I forgot to mention we cut each others hair in which case for me I have done so when the moon was waxing for the past two years.  Thanks for your
wonderful product line and the lunar chart for I will definitely be incorporating this on our new hair repair journey.
Would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Many Thanks-

Re: Fo-Ti and or MSM For Hair Loss

Dear Kelly

stress is a health hazard and should be avoided at all costs
going into yoga, 30 minute walks and breathing alot deeper:

At all costs be positive and exercise
needing alot of blood and air circulation is a good thing.

Great Education

Re: Fo-Ti and or MSM For Hair Loss


Would you mind telling how much MSM and Fo ti you take per day and how you take it?  What type of Standard Process vitamins did you take?  I am trying to grow my slow growing hair.  Any information and what kind of vitimins you take will be great.

Re: Fo-Ti and or MSM For Hair Loss


It would be my pleasure to tell you what I currently taking regarding my healthy hair
protocol and where I found what I think is the best information.   As you probably know hair loss can be from a many different causes and what works for me may not work for you.   So do some research and use your intuition on what you think
would be best for you and the amounts.

Regarding MSM the first of two weeks of  January this year I started out with 1/4 tsp. a day and slowly increased a little each week to up to what I am currently  taking which is about 1 teaspoon 2x a day.    I heard it is best to actually divide the dose in half and take it twice a day since it goes through the body rather quickly.    I will warn you now the stuff taste horrible.  The best way I have found to take it is to place the white bitter powder on the back of my tongue and wash it down with a large glass of water.  Some people add it to their juice or smoothies to try to hide the taste.
I learned about MSM from David Wolfe's site the "The Best Day Ever"and will
include below the question someone asked David regarding hair loss and his response.  I don't think he will mind me posting it here..... at lease I hope not.  David Wolfe is  a very cool guy and seems to be a wealth of knowledge regarding raw foods, nutrition and health.
In regard to the vitamins I am currently taking one of each 1 x day Cataplex C, Manganese B12, Folic Acid B12, Magnesium Lactate all from Standard Process.  Last year to balance out my thyroid issue my chiropractor used a biofeedback machine and kinesiology to determine which Standard Process vitamins I needed and how much to take a day.  Since then I have done a ton of research and decided to take what I think my body needs and go from there. 
In addition to what I mentioned above I am also taking Pure Radiance C from Pure Synergy as a natural Vitamin C source,   Unique vitamin E from A. C Grace ( I get from my chiropractor) and 500mg of Blue Green  Algae and  2 Kyolic garlic capsule one of the nutrients recommended from the Natural Healing book written by Dr. James Balch.  Taking the Kyolic is probably not needed since msm is a sulfur which is in garlic as well.
Regarding the Fo-Ti I take 4-6 capsules a day (610 MG each capsule) and on some days I will steep the herb in some water for a nice tea.  You can get the Fo Ti from
your local health food store  or order off the internet at Mountain Rose Herbs.
In addition to all of this I try to incorporate a fresh green juice everyday, with different greens such as collard greens, kale, spinach, fresh ginger root, apples, carrots ect.  The best way to get our vitamins and minerals is through live organic food.  I also sometimes make fruit smoothies and throw in whatever superfoods I have in the house such as bee pollen, raw organic honey, flaxseeds, Superfood, macka, goji berries, marine phytoplankton cocounut oil...ect.
Another website I greatly enjoy and learned alot about hair loss and natural remedies is called Earth Clinic. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says Hair Loss.  You will find many people's experiences and remedies regarding hair loss
Well I hope this helps you out along with anyone else who may be reading this.  I wish you all inner peace, great health and happiness.

In the Spirit of Great Health and Wellbeing,

The following was asked on  David Wolfe's site " The Best Day Ever":

Dear David: For the last several years I have been losing a lot of hair. I am 42 years old and I am a female. I have been a vegetarian since my teens though I still eat a good percentage of cooked food. Any comment?

Dave: Okay, lets talk about Ho Shou Wu. That