Topic: MM results after 1month/question on diamond elixir for Anthony

Hi Anthony,

First of all I can't believe it ( still in shock) how wonderful my hair is after one month of using your MM products exclusively. It's unbelievable my hair is healthy, not dry, my natural color good and my hair growth is amazing... my husband is calling me porcupine as joke from all the new growth (I have hair thinning on the top of my crown, now with using your elixirs/products there is so much new growth) I thought I would never get my hair back in the thin areas-which I was so depressed but not anymore!  I am so thankful being referred to you and your hair care line, I will be a user forever!

Just one question: for golden essence diamond elixir when I put it on in the morning after washing my hair I massage it in -after awhile it makes my hair extremely oily is it suppose to do that ?  (grapeseed didn't make my hair oily) and could I use one of your other products to counteract it, now I am only using it in the PM.  any suggestions?

Once again thank-you for your hair care line, I eat organic live organic finding your products was the last piece of my puzzle now I feel I live for total health.


Re: MM results after 1month/question on diamond elixir for Anthony

Diamond elixir is oily
use only a few drops in the am after showering
massage into hands and massage into ends of hair and across the top hair
then brush gently into place
again only a FEW DROPS IN THE AM
at night use liberally.

Great to hear your success story
and thanks for going truly natural