Topic: elixirs

I have now used all the elixirs. I have started a new round of the Silver Essence Grapeseed elixir that I absolutely love. What I'm wondering is, is do I have to follow with the Diamond Crystal.

When I used the Diamond Crystal I applied it in the evening only. But felt I had to over wash my hair the next day to not have oily looking hair.

Are they ment to compliment each other or can I just benefit from the Silver Grapeseed elixir? Does each have their own purpose?

Thank you

Re: elixirs

NO one does not have to follow with the Diamond Crystal elixir
and when using the diamond use it sparingly
like just a few drops massaged into ones hair line and thru out all of ones hair a few drops goes a long way its best to brush the oil into the whole hair to even the distriubution.

yes they do compliment each other.
and the difference is:
the silver is for oily to normal hair and scalp
the diamond is for dry to normal hair and scalp
but like all products alternating both is very beneficial
just use sparingly is one is oily using the dry
and if one is dry using the oily.

a few drops goes a long way.

and thanks for going truly Natural/Orgainic/ Wild Crafted