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I can't remember what you said about the Euro Oil for a body moisturizer. My skin is currently VERY dry because I take Spironolactone, a diuretic. I have done so well not using chemicals on myself. Has anyone been using the euro oil for dry skin?  Do you think it provides enough moisture? Open to all suggestions.

Greatly appreciated.

Re: Euro Oil for body skin moisturizer

Hi beckyb70,

Diuretics are a tricky thing. You may be dehydrated. Recommend read up on herbal diuretics, such as juniper berries, prince's pine, cleavers, uva-ursi (bearberry), plus corn, aloe, spearmint and parsley.

Good Health,

Re: Euro Oil for body skin moisturizer

I mix 1 part shea butter 1 part cocoa butter 1 part mango butter and 1 part coconut oil, melt in a double-boiler, add some EOs (according to the flavor i like the most at that time) and use as a body moisturizer and it works wonderfully. Euro oil has worked on my face but for some reason leaves my body oily but not moisturized. Hope it helps!