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Topic: 2 Questions...


K, I have been using the products for awhile... Love um. So I was wondering, once you have been doing it for awhile, do you still need to shampoo everyday with the different shampoo? Or is it alternate, whenever one feels the need to poo, as in Sham poo... haha... Like say On
Monday I shampoo with PINE,
hair feels clean,
then next few days I still get it wet in the shower, I just dont shampoo it, Should I not even wet it? Or is wetting it fine?
then on Thursday I feel its time to shampoo again, then use Apple Cider shampoo? 
Is that cool?
I have long hair for a guy, so Im trying to keep a good up keep going here... Just doing it everyday, shampooing seems much after using it soooo long...

Second question... Ha more like 10th...

I like darker hair tones... Dark Brown, I read on here, that you suggested using dark brown henna/mixed with medium when trying to go dark brown? Why is that? Why not just go str8 darker brown?
For example... My natural hair color is medium brown, I want it darker and richer brown. So first time 2 tablespoons of med/2 tablespoons of darker brown...
Now is that only the first time, or each additional time? or would I scratch out the medium and use just the darker next applications?

Alrighty Im  thanks much....

Re: 2 Questions...

one does not have to shampoo every day
just whenever one wishes but
always alternate the shampoos each time:

as for MM henna one can always go darker but not lighter
so always suggest starting lighter and gradually go darker
so if med br and want to go darker suggest doing
1/2 med br and 1/2 dark brown  this will take two or three applications to bleed and saturate the colors
if you still wish to go darker then on the 3rd or 4th treatment increase the dark br and less med br.
its simply one does not want to go to dark to fast it does last a long time.

Great Health and thanks for going Truly Natural.