Topic: new products to me

Hi I recently bought the sea salt soap. I was wondering would it be better to use this when washing my face or use the shampoo? Also regarding shampoo frequency I know you wrote it all depends on the individual but I want to emulate Mr. Morrocco as much as I can. How many times a week does he shampoo. And in my condition basically when I wake up and put my fingers to my scalp is oily. But I have also been brushing three times a day as well.  best wishes

Re: new products to me

Wash with the sea soap and see for your self what it feels like.
Then use either our Earth and Sea shampoo for a facial exfollient.
All three work wonderfully.
I personally shave each day with the shampoos one each day so that washes my face. 
But you may prefer washing your face with the salt soap.
Personally I shampoo every other day alternating each time with a different shampoo.
For a oily scalp suggest shampooing daily until this gets regulated.
Wishing you Great Health and Hair
Anthony Morrocco