Topic: Experiences with Aloe Vera used internally??....

ok so some of this post could contain what some might view as TMI but I thought I'd give it a go-

I've enjoyed a drink in the past from my local deli which contains aloe juice and pulp....very tasty but also contains a lot of fructose.....I decided to go to my local Vitamin Shoppe and purchase a 'Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel -Inner Fillet....I've taken it  @ the recommended dose-2 oz, perhaps even less, diluted with either juice or water....what follows is intense digestive discomfort, inc cramps, breaking out in a cold sweat and a feeling of wanting to pass out very briefly and an extended stay in the loo ;-)....not pretty!

should I be having such a serious reaction to just aloe? After using it the first time I swore I wouldn't drink it again but I thought, what the heck let's try it again...oy!


Re: Experiences with Aloe Vera used internally??....

Hi superbonbon,
I'm not an expert by any means, but I do know that it is considered a natural laxative.  Occasionally, I drink the Lily of the Desert Aloe Juice, and I've never had that kind of problem.  Maybe the gel is more potent.  FWIW.
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Re: Experiences with Aloe Vera used internally??....

Hi Superbonbon,

Have you tried whole aloe vera leaves, that you fillet yourself?  I have eaten plenty of aloe that way, plain and in smoothies.  My whole foods carried them in NY, but then I moved. sells whole aloe leaves.

Also, it might be the quality of the product you tried.  Have you tried Herbal Aloe Force?  I used that product for a while and liked it a lot.