Topic: Brush in Mists?

Hi Anthony,

I have seen you recommend spraying on the mists (diamond and volumizing) after brushing.  But this seems to tangle my hair a little. 

Q1) I am wondering: can they be sprayed on before brushing, just as well?  I think brushing them in might help my hair receive them a little more smoothly.

Q2) Also, can both mists be applied to scalp?

Thank you once again.

Re: Brush in Mists?

Generally its good to mist either when hair is finished and it simply mists on the follicles and settles into the scalp.
if one wishes to spray before brushing that is OK also but ones hair will then be damp.

yes both mists can be applied to scalp.  by simply spraying on the hair follicles the mist will penetrate into the scalp.

Great Health