Topic: Diamond Mist as Deodorant


I have a question for everyone.  Does anyone use the diamond mist successfully as deodorant, or have another natural deodorant that works for them?  I have tried the diamond mist but end up smelling by the end of the day.  I think this is just my body, as I perspire a lot, and seem to sweat off any natural deodorant I try.  Because I sweat it off, I end up smelling bad by the end of the day.  Just wondering what everyone else uses for deodorant, and if the diamond mist has worked for you.  I think if I get my body a little healthier, I might be able to use the diamond mist as deodorant one day.

Thanks for your responses!

Re: Diamond Mist as Deodorant

my 2 cents
we have alot of clients and models using the diamond as a deodorant and a facial moisturizer both.
it is good to sweat
its necessary to detox
if one is sweating excessively then I would not stop it all together
but yes diamond is an excellent deodorant when needed.

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