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Topic: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Dear Anthony,

i have been using your products for a couple of years now, still no new hair growth, but what hair i have looks good. however i have a persistent problem that just won't go away no matter what. a couple of months ago i stopped using your products and then used a natural castile soap to wash my hair with, however after a couple of washes my hair would get too greasy, as if a build up would form on my hair, and then i needed to wash it with something else. for that i used a mud shampoo by Terressentials. at no point did i ever use the conventional chemical laden shampoos or styling products.

however because i so enjoy your products i began using them again a month ago. the first two weeks my scalp felt relief again, however now, two weeks later, my scalp is back to getting oily more quickly and the worst issue... severe itching. and many small/medium sore bumps. my scalp feels a bit raw as well. just not a good feeling and i so want this condition to get under control. i just don't know what to do anymore. i do zen detox every two weeks. and i have tried doing it weekly but nothing seems to help. i eat healthily and exercise every day. i also brush as advised and use the scalp massager, if i don't use that it's much worse. what can i do? my scalp is just so irritated it sometimes makes me want to cry.

if anyone else have any advice please do let me know :-)

also, if a woman prefer short hair then how should she cut it? i want long hair, but i have to realize that right now i cannot have that since it would look dreadful, so for now i have to keep it short, but how? what kind of cut do you advise for that?

all the best,

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

I too had itchy scalp in the past, when I had it I did a zen detox once every week for 3 weeks, and it usually goes away.
What about using the chi instant conditioner 2 or 3 times a week? I find it useful for calming the scalp.
Maybe wash your hair twice daily until the itching stops, then go back to your usual routine of washing.

I think you may have to go through detoxing of the scalp again because the above products may have chemicals in them. (Don't know for sure)
But I think your scalp should be back to normal in a couple weeks.

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Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

hi sancho,

thank you for your input :-) i have done the detox many times. weeks in a row and then longer in between also. i have not used chemical laden products of any kind for several years. i forgot to say that, i seem to get these flare ups of small to medium sized sore bumps on my scalp even with having used Morrocco Method for a couple of years now.

i doubt i could be going through detoxing for several years. i've had this itchy scalp for a decade now and i'm really getting frustrated with it, i know that won't help, but these bumps are really sore and my scalp just feels so sensitive and raw. i'd hate to think that there's something in Anthony's products that i'm allergic to :-( i hope not!

so basically my scalp have not been normal for a decade now.

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

oh, I misunderstood, I thought you used other products recently and went back to MM.

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Dear Sensitive Scalp

first of all if you used a castile soap to shampoo with its not a good thing as they are not natural by any means.
and this woud irritate my scalp

a couple of months ago i stopped using your products and then used a natural castile soap to wash my hair with, however after a couple of washes my hair would get too greasy, as if a build up would form on my hair, and then i needed to wash it with something else. for that i used a mud shampoo by terressentials  (even though we recommend this company and i think highly of their all natural products)  their shampoos can be quite drying.
my recommendation is to cut ones hair shorter for spring and summer
chin length would be good - but not sure how long your hair is now? - if its long in the back then shoulder length will be good or if now sholder then chin length.
this will help strengthen the growth patterns and help with giving back energies to your new growth.
and of course use our lunar hair cutting chart
as now its spring the next spring solstice haircutting date will be excellent for a short cut.
alternate the chi inst hair cond with the shampoos

if your scalp is dry then using our euro or elixir oils will help alot at this level of reconstruction

great Health and Luxurious Hair

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

thank you Anthony for your advice :-)

perhaps i should mention that when i used your products exclusively for 1 1/2 year then i would still get these sore bumps and itchy scalp. the itchiness just never goes away and my scalp itches much more when i get the sore bumps. it tends to flare up, sometimes it's really bad other times it's less.

i am not quite sure if my scalp is dry, it doesn't feel so since my hair gets oily rather fast. also i've tried using the euro oil and anytime i apply oil to my scalp then it itches more (while the oil is in).

about Terressentials' shampoo... while they do clean the hair wonderfully, then i found them much too moisturizing. they would leave my hair unmanageable in the sense of leaving it flat, clinging to my head. and styling it was useless, it would feel limp in a way... but it would look healthy. also i found that they didn't help my scalp condition at all.

i refuse to continue to live with this condition anymore, it's been a decade now and something obviously is irritating my scalp a lot, i just can't seem to nail it. i use the chi condition as well. i do everything by the book, yet it still leave me with a sore & raw scalp.

i have chin length hair now, so this is the way i will keep it. i thought maybe there was a way to have it shorter.

all the best,

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Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

As I read your posting. I wonder if what your talking about feels like pimples? I had this. I take Spironolactone. Although I wouldn't advise it because once on meds it's hard to get off. But before, I had oily hair everyday. I feel my glands were over producing oil. I had the facial acne too.

Just a thought

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Dear Anthony,

i'm a bit puzzled as to why you'd say that castile soap is not natural since the hand soaps you sell on your site is basically just that :-) castile soap is just a term used for soap made exclusively from vegetable oils.

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Sancho :-)

yes i did use other products and then went back to MM. but what i meant was that during the time where i used other products i did not use conventional shampoos loaded with chemicals. i used either natural castile soap, or Terressentials' hair washes (all natural too), or natural powders like shikakai and amla. but since i so like MM then i went back, however every time i get these bumps i've been mentioning nomicons/sad

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

becky :-)

yes, that's excatly what they feel like... pimples, and they're very sore and itchy. and my scalp feels oilier. the first two weeks of using MM my hair was not so oily, not so bumpy (or broken out) and my scalp less itchy, but after two weeks it goes haywire. i think i'm going to try to stop MM products again and see if that will have an effect.


Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Hi MacKey,

Two possibilities come to mind: fungus or allergies. Process of elimination is a good technique. Most likely not caused by MM, as you indicate going on off and on again didn't alter the condition.

Healthful Wishes,

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Hi Mackey,
did you ever have any luck looking into food allergies?

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Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps


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Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps


well, i no allergies that i'm aware of, but i guess it could be. i tired to stop using MM for a couple of days and that actually did help a little, but that cold be a fluke, i'd have to stop for a longer period of time to see the real effects.

about castile soap... well, technically olives do not belong in the vegetable kingdom, but my point was that castile soap is natural and not filled with chemicals if made of cold pressed oils.

you mentioned fungus, did you have any one kind in mind? sometimes i suspect i may have candida, but of course i can't be sure.

all the best,

Re: Itching Scalp w/ Sore Bumps

Hi Kathy,

i haven't really looked into extensive things, but i have noticed that when i eat more wheat, then i get quite bloated and just an overall feeling of my stomach feeling unwell, nothing horribly uncomfortable though, but definitely a difference as to when i don't eat it. it's a jungle to figure these things out sometimes :-)

all the best,