Topic: 2 year update

Dear anthony,
I have been using the products for 2 years.
hmmm...i don't really know what i want to say other than it has been a really rocky road for me, but that over all, my health and well being has improved and this site has been one of my biggest sources of information on holistic, natural lifestyle and inspiration.

I remember when i first registered, i was convinced i would be bald by now, which is not the case at all. nomicons/smile
my hair is significantly thinner now than when i was younger, but i'm not bald by any means.

As  i mentioned in the past, and maybe you are tired of me talking about it, when i stopped taking the artificial hormones, the birth control, that is when i made my biggest turn around. I am sure that that pill is what deteriorated my health .
It was only after i quit taking  that one tiny little pill that I was able to regain some strength and life.  Now i am able to make changes in my diet and i am seeing and feeling the results.

Now to talk about your products though, i have a rather short bob hair cut, and i normally blow dry it, thinking that it will look rediculous other wise, so i have been blow drying for over a year.  well just in the past month, i decided i am tired of blow drying, and it looks lifeless anyway, so i have been letting it air dry and i LOVE IT! 
It has way more body and bounce than when i blow dry.  and my natural curl is cooperating with me for the first time in like 10 years!  I have been blow drying straight all that time.

and i want to let other customers know that the products work better the longer you use them.  for a year i did not use the water or earth shampoo much because i did not like them, but after a year of just the fire and air, i added them back in and they make my hair sooo much richer and softer!
Same with the euro oil . i did not use it for a long time because the first few times left it either greasy or limp.  now it makes it conditioned soft and shiney!  i used to dread the euro oil experience, now i love doing it!

Still waiting on my hair to thicken up, i still have hope and am working with a wonderful naturopath and an accupuncturist as well as changes to my diet , such as cutting out caffiene, sugar and wheat and other grains. 
but i am going to let my hair grow out this time!!! no more short hair!  then i will send in some pictures for the site.

thank you for your pure, natural products and philosophy.


Re: 2 year update

Dear Kathyb

thanks for the testimonal and great results and most of all happy hair

yes if one of our products does not work then after some time when one re introduces them back in they work well as it takes time and patience to reconstruct ones scalp.

NO MORE BLOW DRYING congratulations
we suggest towel drying twice
and also aftet towel drying bend over and brush to get more air into ones hair to help dry ones hair naturally
and rub ones fingers gingerly thru ones hair during drying time to help get more air into ones hair to help dry naturally.

thank you for going truly NATURAL