Topic: A question for Mr. Morrocco please.

I have been MM exclusively now for 1 & 1/2 years and very, very happy. My fine, thin, dry, dull and fuzzy hair has completely transformed to soft, silky, healthy beautiful hair. I could not be more pleased with all the products and will NEVER go back to my old ways.

I had longish bangs and shoulder length hair at the beginning of this process and since then have cut my hair short enough to help blend in with the bangs I used to have. Now my hair is basically all one length and blunt cut as you recommend and nearly all one length again.

My question is this: The one length style really does not compliment my face at all. Although my hair is finally truly healthy, I can't help but wish I had long bangs again to frame my face better. Anthony, I know you do not suggest bangs but I'd really like to know exactly why? As I wish to do nothing harmful to my hair and scalp, I'd like to know how bad it really is to have bangs. (perhaps those a bit longer than traditional ones)
What sort of harm am I really doing if I were to cut my hair this way?

I'd also like to quickly thank you for offering such pure and wonderful products! I am completely devoted to the MM for life!

Re: A question for Mr. Morrocco please.

Dear Longing for bangss

first of all there is no harm in having bangs
my suggestion is strictly for style
first of all growing out the bangs makes ones hair THICKER and more wavy

its like the shore line of the sea
the waves come into the shoreline and break at the beach (hairline)
so if one wants more waves into the hairline one cannot cut the hairline like bangs.

but if one has perfectly straight hair wihtout any waves only a master hair stylist could get one to have naturally wavy hair.  and very rare to find a true hair cutter/stylist.

hope this helps:
its strictly for thicker, wavier and more managable hair on the top layers.
if one does not care for these situations then
enjoy ones bangs.

Great Health