Topic: Massaging and Brushing

Hey all!

I am a huge fan of the Morrocco Method!

I have been using the shampoos for some time now but neglected massage and brush daily.

I have begun to do so with the Rubber scalp massager and the boar hair brush. I massage for 3-5 min and brush for 3-5 min as directed.

I noticed alot of hair break off and it was in my massager and brush. The hair was only broken, not from the root. Should i continue with my schedule as planned or take additional precautions?

I have a good diet and drink good quality water.

I am a male in early 20's with medium thick hair. I am doing this routine to stop it receding and to also thinken it out/regrowth as i feel it has thinned slightly over last while.

Thanks everyone!


Re: Massaging and Brushing

Dear Concerned

massage gentle
and brush lightly and gently like a  gentle massage with little pressure

we loose around 30 hairs daily and this could be old hairs shedding.
continue  brushing and massaging but gentle until ones scalp gets stronger.

Great Health and hair