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Topic: UGGHH! My hair is nasty lately!

I have been MM exclusively now for more than a year and a half. I LOVE the products and will never switch to anything else. I need help right now though.

The past few months my hair is really gross. Flat, no volume at all, stringy looking and feeling, and will no keep hold at all.

I rotate all four shampoos and use the Chi conditioner as a fifth. I rotate both sprays every day, use the Euro oil daily, but on my ends only. I use the gel 3 or four times a week and massage every other day.
The things I do not do regularly: Detox. (although, I just did one hour long detox last week but prior to that not in about 4 months)
Brush: I  brush w/ the blonde bristle for about 2 minutes every other day.
Euro Oil: I only use it on my ends daily. Otherwise, a full treatment makes my hair greasy to the point that it takes days of shampooing to get it out.

A couple notes here: I have recently cut my own bangs to about nose lenght. Prior to that they were almost the same length as the rest of my hair. (shoulder length)

I have been doing a lot of yard work. Flying debree, dust etc. And working in front of a 375 degree oven & greasy grill witout a hat on.

Anthony, could you please recommend something to get my fine, thin hair back to healthy???

I FORGOT TO ADD: My hair has NEVER been shinier. Beautiful in that respect.

Re: UGGHH! My hair is nasty lately!

Dear Concerned

first of all stop using the Euro Oil until the condition comes back to normal
wear something on your hair / head while working a scarf/hat/something to cover from fumes and grease etc etc

cut the ends using our lunar haircutting chart rotate thicken/root work/strengthening once each time at least every other month trim off the ends...... this will help alot.

Blood of the Dragon styling gel  put in a spray bottle with 1/4 gel or less and 3/4 water or more
and shake and spray on only.   this will help with the flatness.

try these tips and see
glad your having beautiful shinier hair sounds good

More brusing and scalp massaging with NO oil

Re: UGGHH! My hair is nasty lately!

Anthony, thank you very much! All of your suggestions have worked wonders so far. My hair is getting back it's luster and fullness.