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I hope someone can help me with some questions I have. I have been on MM products for 5 1/2 months now and im seeing some results all over my scalp except for the area where i had hair transplants. The transplants arent big like the ones they used to do back in the day, they are smaller but still if you look close its noticeable. So i have this really thin area with some hairs in the middle (the transplants) and its not filling in. I know its only been a little over 5 months, so maybe im impatient, but I was wondering if anyone had transplant surgery and used the MM products and what results are you having . Or if anyone knows anything about the transplants. Do they go right over and on top of the existing follicle thus destroying it , or do they go beside the existing follicle which would increase density if i could get the existing follicles to come back using MM?  Do follicles die permanently and never come back ? if so then I know MM will not fill in this area of my scalp. Can follicles be so damaged after transplants or do they not get infered with?   Anyone have this problem ? I wish i never got the surgeries done, i was young and scared, and went into a panic when i saw my hair a little thin, what a bad mistake. Now i fear there is no way of getting that area full again and that i will have that ugly look with transplants in the middle of a thin area and i dont want to shave my head because then the transplant scars will show and the plugs will show and i dont want to wear a hair piece. Oh man, its so aggravating and depressing i dont know what to do,, someone help if you have any advice or share the same experience...

Re: hair transplants

Dear Concerned

after 40 years of hair growth work transplants are not a good thing as  you have found out
where they have done the transplants there may be scarring.  is this is so then no hair will grow where there is a scare as this part of the scalp/skin/hair follicles are no longer.
but not to panic
you are growing new hair and this will get thicker in time and cover over the scars.
suggest keeping the top of your hair short so not to use alot of energies to grow new hair.
in the fall and winter alittle longer
but in the spring, see our lunar haircutting dates, cut the spring equinox date or after and then cut ones hair very short indeed to shock more growth. 
for the winter hair grows very slowly and not much new hairs as ones body is resting and does not want to produce very much.
but in the spring one will see a major new growth cycle and then do all possible to grow new hairs
read "spokes in a wheel" on our website.

if anyone else has had direct experience please contribute to this post.

Inner Calm and Outer Positive is the best meditation for this and everything
NO stress and more Growth