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Topic: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

My hair is definitely healthier, no doubt about it. But that health seems to be mostly top and 1/2 way down the length of my hair. The ends (about a good 2-3 inches) is fuzzy beyond belief. Most of this seems to be where old color is still trying to grow itself out. I do trim regularly & have only changed one thing. At your recommendation, I have temporarily discontinued use of the euro oil. I mentioned to you about 3 weeks ago that my hair felt lifeless, dull and dreary all of a sudden and among other things you told me to stop the euro oil. Even when I was still using the oil on my ends, they were still fuzzy but not nearly as much as they are now.

I would love to just cut all that part off but it would leave me with very short hair and I am now trying to grow it longer than shoulder length.

My last post to you was "Uggh, my hair is nasty lately" if that helps you to determine which course of action I should take now.

Thanks so much in advance for your help. You always know just what to say.
BTW, I have tried using the styling gel to tame the ends a bit but mostly it just weighs dwon my hair, even when diluted w/ H20.

Re: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

hi gina/tbonesrex,
a few things that have helped me through a frizzy stage:

-wash with one of the mm poo's, rinse, then spray on either the diamond mist  or volumizer mist wilst still in the shower and rinse out.

-make an herbal rinse by steeping 1-2 tsp lavender and 1-2 tsp rosemary for a 20min to a couple hours.  pour cooled tea over hair after washing .  rinse out a little or all the way.  Leave it sit on your hair and scalp while you finnish your shower and rinse off at the end.

-use the acv rinse after shampooing.

-I have also used the Dr Bronners soaps a couple of times to shampoo, followed by either an acv rinse or the chi conditioner to soften it up again. 

I have really fine hair that has also thinned quit a bit, so it's hard for me to apply oils or styling products or even the leave in conditioners without weighing my hair down, but these suggestions seem to work for me.
my hair was going through a really dry frizzy stage but after experimenting, it seems to be alot shinier and silkier.

I seem to be able to keep my hair lively and shiney by alternating what i use as a rinse.

one more tip, i also had good result watering down a near empty bottle of mm shampoo almost to rinse consistancy and shampooing with that.

hope that helps some,

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Thank you Kathy!
I tried a couple of your suggestions today and they seemed to help a lot. Next I will try the lavendar and rosemary thing. Do I just buy dried herbs and boil that in water?
The ACV has always helped my hair a lot and I seem to have forgotten that I have that at my disposal. Do you use the spray conditioners on dry hair ever? What about the blood gel? It sounds like your hair type is exactly like mine, so I would welcome any more tricks you may have up your sleeve. How (if at all) do you achieve any body in your hair? Since I've been doing everything by the MM book my hair is much, much healthier but w/o styling products, it just kinda hangs there. I'm getting used to it I guess, but as teenager of the 80's, it's been difficult. God knows I don't ever want "big hair" again but a little more body and fullness would be wonderful!

Thanks so much for your generous advice!

Re: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

Dear Gina

also suggest cutting ones ends, even ever so slightly every month, using our lunar haircutting dates for lengthening, root work and beautifying alternate one each month and try to use the red dates as much as comfortable.
for the frizzy ends try using MM Goddesses Elixir oil just a few drops on the ends after shampooing and before going to bed in the pm.  again just a few drops goes a long way.
keep me posted on your progress
Great Journey

Re: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

Hi Gina,
glad the suggestions helped.
for the rosemary and lavender, i use dried herbs.  i have a big bag of lavender i ordered on line and for the rose mary , i just use some dried kitchen herbs from our local spice place.  (penzy's--i think they might actually be a chain)
I don't boil them in water, i just pour boiling water over them.  I have an instant 180 degrees water heater, which is very handy for a tea drinker.
but you could also bring water to a boil , then pour over the herbs. you can just tie them up in a coffee filter for easy clean up and straining.

i normally don't use the spray conditioners on dry hair,  my hair has always been so unruly that they don't achieve the effect i want and if i try to spray on any gel or anything it turns into a session of me getting ever more frustrated because my hair still wont look the way i envision it.  Plus more pulling, blow drying, brushing , spraying to try and get it to look just right, so i just avoid spraying on dry hair, it's futile for me.  i just have hair that if it dries or develops a goofy cowlick or kink, the only real way to get it out is to completely wash it and re-dry it.

i have tried the suggestion of adding water to the styling gel and i had pretty good results with that, but i think it rained that day, so my hair ended up looking frizzy anyhow...

So i think i've just gotten used to how my hair looks in a very natural state.

for fullness, i do blow dry my hair.   i tend to go back and forth between spells of blow drying and air drying.  and i just naturally have alot of poofy frizzy ness to my hair.  Also i think i've gotten used to seeing it with less body, and just accepting that it's not going to look perfect everyday.  i too was a child of the 80s', so this is still an adjustment.

I had been cutting my hair really short.  a style  i never really  liked.  but i think i'm going to let it grow out.  at least to somewhere between chin and shoulder length.  I'll have to wait and see what it looks like.  I'm kind of excited, i found a salon that specializes in long hair in my town. I'm just excited to find something different than your average aveda or other type of salon with all thier layers and highlights and stuff.  Im looking forward to visiting them for my next hair cut.

well , good luck.
let us know your progress,

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Kathy, again thanks so much for your helpful advice. Yesterday for the first time, I diluted an almost empty bottle of the Earth and one of the Sea, and this mehtod is incredible! I would not have thought that my hair would have come so clean w/ soooo much H20 in the mix, but it did! Not only that but it seems to be shiner, silker and more manageable for some reason. The fuzzies are much less also. I think I will add this "diluted" poo to my weekly regime. I was shampooing every other day before whereas now I think I may try to use the diluted stuff on my off days instead of nothing at all.

There's obviously a science behind this and different methods for what works on each person's hair. I'm thankful to have such wonderful advice and support.

Thanks to you also Anthony! I always value your advice.

I am a customer for life! You'd better not decide to stop business any time soon!!!
Peace to all,

Re: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

> tbonesrex wrote:

>  Yesterday for the first time, I diluted an almost empty bottle of the Earth and one of the Sea, and this mehtod is incredible! I would not have thought that my hair would have come so clean w/ soooo much H20 in the mix, but it did! Not only that but it seems to be shiner, silker and more manageable for some reason. The fuzzies are much less also. I think I will add this "diluted" poo to my weekly regime.

heh, heh nomicons/smile
i had the same reaction the first time i tried this.

my hair is looking so good the past few days, it almost looks the way it did before i started having hair thinning woes!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed, but i think I'm getting a little regrowth near the temples nomicons/smile


Re: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

Woo Hoo! Re-growth!! Congrats to you Kathy!
I also noticed some re-growth last year at my temples. Since then I have not noticed the tiny hairs getting longer BUT, the temple areas where I was very thin are almost completely filled in w/ these baby hairs, so I am one HAPPY girl!

I can only hope that perhaps one day, these baby hairs will grow longer and fuller. If they do not, that's OK too cuz" I finally have healthy hair.

So nice to say goodbye to all that junk I used to deal with.
So long, hairdresser, so long color treatments, so long perms, so long curling irons, so long hair spray. Goodbye to all of it!!

I am finally free!!

Thank you Anthony!!!!!!!!!

Re: Anthony, pls advise about "fuzzy" hair.

another trick that worked for me.
my hair has been dry and strawlike lot during the winter months.
I found that adding 2 or 3 drops of euro oil or elixer oil to my shampoo has helped.

It works well if you have an empty bottle handy.  add the amount of shampoo you use for one shampoo, add the drops of oil a bit of water and shake up.

very sleek and silky without feeling 'over oiled'