Topic: My hair is breaking !!!


My hair is breaking too much.When my hair is wet even slightly,I can't even comb it with my hands because it's breaking too much.

What is the best MM products should I use to prevent breaking?

Thank you

Re: My hair is breaking !!!

FIRST OF ALL stop all the chemical processes
then cut off the really damaged ends using our lunar calender dates (see Lunar haircutting front page of website)
alternate all 4 of MM shampoos one each time
***There are now 5 shampoos
use our Euro Oil as prescribed full description under each product and how to use:
use daily in the am just a few drops on the ends and liberally in the evening thru out ones whole head and scalp leave in all night and next day the longer the better again read directions.
suggest reading
spokes in a wheel on our website also.
more education and less damage
keep me updated
Great Healthy Hair & Scalp