Topic: Elixers and their use in the fall and winter

Hi Anthony

I just purchased the silver grapeseed elixer and I like it a lot. My question is this, if the hair doesn't grow much in the winter, is it still beneficial to use the elixers?

I got the elixers to help keep my scalp healthy and stop the shedding I have had during the last year. It seemed to increase during the last year, so I thought the elixers would help me with this.

Thanks for creating your products and for sharing your philosophy of health.

Re: Elixers and their use in the fall and winter

yes its very beneficial to use the elixirs in the fall and winter months as these are super conditioners and help reconstruct the scalp, oil glands and hair growth patterns.  and very nurturing to use this time of the year.

as for the shedding all weak hairs will shed. 
suggest to keep hair full and trimmed in the winter but in the spring equinox cut take off as much hair as possible to help shock the roots and create new energies to go into new hair growth.

you are most welcome and thank  you for going truly Natural / Wild Crafted