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Hey there

I am experiencing thinning on the top of my head from my front back.

I am currently doing all the morrocco methods (shampoo, brush, massage, detox... ), and i'm in the cycle of the silver elixer!

Is there anything else you could recommend so i can get regrowth and prepare for the spring to keep the encouragment?


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Re: Male crown

Sorry mate, i don't use that crap!

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Scalp massage!!! nomicons/smile And herbs if you want a consultation...

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add all the elixirs if not already doing so.
Use diamond and volumizer ether daily and alternating them each day like the shampoos.
It helps if on the second rinse you leave in the shampoo for 1-5 minutes. (3-5 is recommended).
Use chi conditioner at least once a week.
Do you have a shower filter?  These help a lot.
And last but not least, protect your scalp from direct sunlight.

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Thank you all for such warm comments nomicons/smile Already i have seen the  difference! I now include all and now headstanding and WOW!!!

Good luck to all others nomicons/smile