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Hi Anthony

I just recently finished two bottles of the silver essence and am on the 2 week break. I would like to continue using the elixers for a while as I feel my hair and scalp need them. Should I continue with the silver or try the other elixers? I don't want to use the golden essence since my hair is oily and fine.
Which elixers would you recommend for hair that is oily thin and fine.

Thanks so much!

Re: elixers

Dear Concerned
as long as ones hair and scalp is oily suggest sticking with the silver elixer
more scalp massaging and brushing along with alternating the 4 shampoos and the chi inst conditioner
***UPDATE: Morrocco Method now has 5 shampoos and 6 conditioners.***

all the other elixirs are good for normal to dry hair.  so wait until your scalp becomes more balanced
then use the 4 elixirs alternating one each week.

more zen detox is a good remedy.

use sprays daily one each day.

Great Health/Hair/Scalp