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I have very small (thin) locs called sisterlocks because they are maintained with a crochet-like tool. Can Zen Detox be used on locs? My hair looks to be thinning mainly around the top and hairline. Also, color is added to my hair.

Re: Locs

yes zen detox can be used on any type of hair and is user friendly
suggest this will not help

hair needs to be free and able to be brushed and massaged to get more air and blood into the scalp and hair growth areas.
by keeping ones hair in braids, locks of any kind this hinders and alters growth patterns for all natural conditions.
suggest freeing ones hair and start a maintance program of brushing, scalp massaging and alternating our shampoos and conditioners.
and hair coloring of any kind is not recommended due to its toxic and chemical hindrances for growth
so there is a leap of faith here to free ones hair for maintenance

wishing you great Health and truly a Natural path of hair care

and thanks for going truly Natural

Re: Locs

I cut off my locs and hair is particularly thin and missing at the temples, sides and top hairline. Have used Zen detox and Euro oil. What elixir is recommended? Hair loss could be related to stress level and/or hormonal. Waiting to consult with doctor on results of 13 different blood tests. Also, is there a store in Philadelphia, PA area that sells MM products?  JuJu doesn't seem to anymore.

Re: Locs

congratulations on cutting off your locs as they are very resteicted for getting blood and air into ones scalp
suggest doing the zen detox once per month as prescribed for 2 to 3 months.
also using our scalp massager and getting a good natural boar bristle brush for more air and blood into ones scalp and stimulating ones oil glands.
for elixirs
would suggest doing our God/Dess elixir series there are 4 elixirs in this series and comes with full instructions.  Its on sale or will be soon.,

Great Health and Hair

p.s. sorry there are no stores in Pa at the moment suggest going on line at MM and we do have sales and discounts and join our premier newsletter for sales updates.