Topic: My progress, baby hair Fall and serena skin

Hello everyone, i have been using morrocco products for about a year and a half now and i've seen awesome results in the actual look of my hair, but i am still experiencing hair fall.  I know hair fall is supposed to happen but very recently i began noticing i was losing baby hairs.  This really scares me. 

I am 23 years old and a male and my hair started thinning and falling out when i was around 19.  My hair has always been thin.   My scalp is oily but after i wash my hair it's very dry.  I wash my hair once daily in the morning rotating the four shampoos.  I don't really use the chi conditioner cause it makes my hair wayyy to oily.  I comb once in the morning and once at night.  The same goes for scalp massage.  I also rotate the two spray conditioners and use the blood of the dragon gel.  my hair is about 5- 6 inches and length.

Since i've been  on the method i have noticed lots of regrowth in my temple area, but it is still very thin.  the baby hair fall and the new growing hairs seem to cancel each other out, otherwise it would be filling in.  I'm almost positive that i have scalp psoriasis and this is the main reason for the fall.   I work at a health food store and i eat very healthy as well. 

If anyone has any advice for me i'd appreciate it greatly.  Also, if anyone has any suggestions for reducing oiliness of the scalp please let me know. I recently came across something called SERENA SKIN.  They have topical and internal solutions for psoriasis and eczema.  Has anyone here ever used or heard of these products?

Re: My progress, baby hair Fall and serena skin

Dear mixupthemix
not to worry
during the winter months ones hair is resting so it will not produce many new hairs and hair fall out is generally more in the winter months also.
its the best time to reconstruct ones scalp and get ready for the spring energies to grow more new hairs.

keeping ones hair short on top is critical to give the new hairs more energy when growing in
so shorter on top medium length for the winter months
but in the spring cut the top as short as bearable and keep short for the spring and short for the summer
come fall one can let the hair get longer on top and winter the longest but again not to long on top ever.

zen detox is recommended use once per season.  each box has three applications.  do treatment once per week for three weeks and repeat again in the spring.

sounds like you have a good diet.
are you exercising?  and stretching breathing consciously?
yoga is excellent here and going on line and learning breathing techniques is excellent.

30 minute talks several times per day very good
good diet means alot of water foods and good intake of water like natural spring water.

and thanks for going truly Natural

Great Health Hair Happiness and Journey

everything is positive attitude: