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Topic: Curious, question for members.

I would like to ask, if I may, how many women with thin, thinning hair also has low iron issues (Anemia) or low iron stores (Ferritin)?

Something I've dealt with for about five years and am curious how many other women are effected?

Greatly appreciated!

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me, borderline low iron and very low ferritin levels.

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I believe that iron levels affect hair.

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also suggest doing a hair lab test  Mineral Check
this is on our forum?  do a search
and the lab who does this work is listed in detail here:

WWW.BODYBALANCE.COM              828 - 285 - 2235  or  888 - 891 - 3061

one sends in a locket of ones hair and its analyzed and tested for TOXINS AND ESSENTIAL MINERALS
worth the time and effort

great Health

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Grazie Antonio!

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Hi KathyB,

Low Ferritin is one subject that interests me. Because it seems to me to have a lot to do with my hair thinning... My iron level is normal but my Ferritin (iron stores) are always 4ish. I supplement with iron nonstop. However, I do drink plenty of coffee and with I could stop. I'm sure you know how it is with no energy.

Do you take iron? Have you had any luck?


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Dear Forum members

OK here is the exact info on the hair analysis

ASHVILLE, N.C.  28801
888891  3061
these test and results are conducted by Medical Doctors and are quite close to being very helpful with their findings.

Mineral check/ toxins / heavy metals

I use this personally and find the results very helpful and insightful

for coffee daily consumption
try getting this habit readjusted by using good quality green teas
perhaps start with one cup of coffee in the am then follow the rest of the day with green teas or balck teas or any tea that will satisfy
and slowly switch from less coffee to more tea until one is happy with the tea habit
spring tonic to the rescue here

1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses organic and natural
one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar raw/organic/unfiltered
fresh lemon as desired
and 8 oz of warm to hot water
first this in the morning do this drink before having anything else
its very satisfing and the perfect spring health drink
suggest doing this for 30 days early am and as often as desired

BREATHING EXERCISES here are very helpful/critical/energizing

take several deep breaths upon first getting up with a open window for plenty of fresh air
and place ones attention on ones breath in the am and just follow the flow of incoming breaths and outgoing breaths this will help give one plenty of Chi and energies first thing
and remember
habits are habits
the body does not know  if the habits are good or bad
and habits are habits
so slowly but surely keep adjusting ones habits into the Health and Wealth of our energy sources and BE Happy and fully Alive

Great Health and alot of new spring energies


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i took polyiron 150mg ~4 years ago, and i think i noticed some regrowth.
I think you might want to look into digestion and absorption inefficiencies.  coffee can affect digestion in some people, esp sensitive people.  i've been to a couple alternative practitioners and have been told i have poor digestion.  through research i've found that poor digestion affects hormone production, thyriod, adrenals, etc. and can also be the reason for deficiencies even though you are eating plenty of sources of required nutrients because they are not being absorbed.  It makes sense.  it's definitley something to look in to.
try espresso.  it has less toxins and surprisingly it has less caffeine.  i've found it does not give me jitters the way coffee does. my only problem is i prefer lattes, and milk is also hard to digest unfortunatley.
green tea is good, herbal teas are good.  Look for high quality loose teas and don't buy any teas with "natural flavor" on the ingredients.

anyway, i'd like to get my digestion improved before i fool around with adding too many supplements and medications.