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Topic: Hair loss in men


Firstly I want to share my gratitude- such a wonderful, high energy range of products and a fantastic, resourceful website. Your genuine, uplifting and pioneering work is most appreciated.

My question is- I have been using your products for about a year and my hair is abundant and thick virtually all over my head. Since using your products there has been no hair on my pillow or in the bath or shower and so visible shedding has stopped. However, my hair is receding at the temples and I have not noticed any regrowth. One thing I must add is my diet was not the best and I was drinking a fair amount of alcohol (until about 6 months ago). I have now gone organic and more healthy.

My questions are: What do you believe causes what is commonly called "male pattern baldness"? Why is it that some people with bad diets or 'chemical' hair habits (products etc) do not get effected by it? Is it possible to regrow my hair at the temples to how it was (or even better than it was) in my teens or twenties? (I am now 30). Have you seen people do this?

Sorry if these questions have been asked before; I believe in your techniques but I wanted to find out your more specific information on hair loss in men; the type we are expected to "just put up with"(!) I, like you, believe there must be something more to it than irreversible genetics.

Best wishes!

Re: Hair loss in men

Dear Michael

thanks for the great Positive and uplifting ATTITUDETestimonal  its most refreshing and appreciated

as for past history  I do not go there
I believe in living in the moment and doing everything one can do to live a more natural and empowering lifestle

Facing the moment and thru education and awareness ONE can go beyond the normal past histories and create dreams and goals that far outweigh the past.

promoting hair care and education for over 4 decades I have had success with everyone who takes the first step and continues down the road to a Natural and Healthy life style.

male pattern baldness was designed by a marketing corp mentality to sell stuff and eventually created the horrific transplants and other unhealthy hair regimes.

we here at MM teach the 5 elements and alternating hair care products after each use.  also like spokes in a wheel diet, exercise, breathing techniques, and Natural Body and Hair care products.  If there are folks around us that are unhealthy and still have a full head of hair its quite individual
I believe in doing all that one can do for the good of our daily Health and well being.

this is winter and a time for hybernating and rest. 
doing all we can for reconstruction of our scalp again, detox, alternating products using the 5 elements and daily living a more natural life style will prepare one for spring and a abundant new hair growth
come spring use MM lunar hair cutting dates and cut the top of ones hair as short as possible, crew cut is good.
and we shall all see alot more new hair growth come spring and thru out the summer months.

again thanks for the concerns and post much appreciated and keep us updated on our progress

Great Journey
Anthony Morrocco