Topic: Anthony, another Question regarding transplants

I know spring is coming and I hear alot of talk about new spring growth, but im still very concerned about my transplant area.

I contacted someone from about transplants. My concern was that the transplants killed the existing follicles that they were placed over. But what this person said was that Depending on the surgeon's skill, certain damage to the hair follicles can occur when the surgeon transplants the grafts to the scalp. This is  due to the incisions needed to transplant each group of hair follicles. In most cases, permanent damage to the old follicles are kept very low. Now when the
hair follicles are transplanted, the hair follicles on that location are pushed to the sides. For a certain period, it might shed but then it should grow back after 6 months - 1 year. This is caused by the 'shock' of the transplantation.

He also said that i would then basically have double the amount of follicles in that area minus a few follicles that died in the process.
He said some of the hair follicles will die but the amount of damaged hair follicles shouldn't be sufficient enough to be noticeable. Every hair follicle on your scalp will usually go through
roughly 20 life cycles before it dies out and each hair cycle can take 3-4 years.

Is this  true 20 life cycles each last about 3-4 years is about 60-80 year life span of hair follicles? That means that if a guy who is 30 and completely cue ball bald, this follicles are still alive and can produce more hair to grow back ?

Anthony im having a hard time with this poor decision i made when i was 21. Now im looking for answers. I dont know who i can ask regarding transplants except for calling bosley, but i want a true answer not a biased answer.  Do you know the answers to these questions or do you know someone who can help answer them?  Does that guy make sense in what he told me?  Do i have hope for thickening that area up again this spring?  I have been using your products a year , this will be my first spring after using for 12 months. I follow the spokes, i cut according to the charts, i brush and massage,  i alternate shampoos, and conditioners, i detox often, i workout hard, very athletic, personal trainer, eat good, and play alot of sports. my hair is fairly thick most places just thin down the middle and the crown where the transplants are from many years ago..

Im staying as positive as i can, I keep thinking to myself it will grow back this spring, it will look good again, but id hate to be totally depressed when spring comes and my transplant area looks the same,  right now, the hair around the transplants are thinning out and you can see like  a group of transplants,, not so much big round plugs, but you can tell ..... it hurts bad... i wish i never got it done.

Thank you sooooo much for reading this. I know many people are depressed and embarrassed about their hair problems, and I know you feel our pain. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to help us all, with your products, words of encouragement and your commitment to helping.
Thank you.  Be well my friend


when a follicle is transplanted it basically pushes the existing follicles to the side, so basically i would have double the follicles in the transplanted area. He said some die and some just get weak from the stress but permanent damage is usually carefully kept to a minimum.  This guy wasnt trying to sell me on a transplant surgery he was just trying to help me understand how a transplant can affect the existing follicles.. He also that..

Re: Anthony, another Question regarding transplants

Good Day Willis
yes I can feel your pain and rightfully so.
have worked with many hair transplant cleints thru out my many decades of hair care and have seen great come backs and good results
I have personally been contacted by Bosley to do a line of hair care products for them.
But this will never happen I do not support anyone or anything that is NOT truly Natural and supproting our community
My Attitude is we are here today and we shall make the most of it all!  Being Positive is just part of our abilities to live an full and creative life with Passion
my hair thins every fall and thru out the winter mostly on my crown area and some around the front hair line
and I do what I prescribe all of my friends to do I do the whole Method seasonally/daily and have created habits that give results
For most of us winter is a time for our hair to rest and rejuvenate and it does not want to produce alot of new hair follicles, its after all, resting with the rest of Nature
but come spring there is a abundance of energies bursting everywhere with Nature waking up and producting all types of growth patterns everywhere
and yes including our hair growth patterns
So I have shaven my head and or cut the top as short as possible, crew cut, every spring since my early teens.  IN the old days all of the boys were crew cut every spring it was a ritual  and we all just went along with the spring right of passage.  In those days we just followed what our Grand Parents taught us to do from the Old country
they were all farmers and lived with Nature and the land.  They have been doing this for thusands of years and who are we to go against our ancestors.
But they knew alot of secrets and Natural cause and effects that have been lost in our so called modern society.
We here at MM still continue to do these habits and rituals along with 100% Natural plant based hair care and rightfully so
I have witnessed my clients, including myself, growing alot of new hair follicles where there were non during that winter each and every spring.
just like spokes in the wheel LUnar Hair cutting dates, brushing, scalp massaging, and alternating the 5 elements does give Natural and very visible results.
so my friend keep doing what you are doing and don't go back in time and try to figure out the past.  its done! time to move on to the present and live our lives with Passion and creativity and enjoy the experience life has to offer in a peaceful, quiet and stress free life style.

It does not matter "what they say" for all there is is the moment
I have been taught by my Spiritual Masters this
we live in 72 hours.  What we did yesterday created today and what we are doing right now will create tomorrow all of the rest of time and space is non existant in our reality.

Thank you for being so open and brave to express your feelings, fears, anxienties and concerns this is all good and we need to HONOR our Feelings and live a Educated life.
please update me on this springs new growth as its the end of this month and I shall be joinging you and all concerned in the same rituals and habits that make us all connected as a community of concerned human being

Wishing you Great Health/Education/Happiness/Hair/Holy
Anthony and MM Staff