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First off let me just say that I love MM products.  I use the four shampoos and chi conditioner, both leave in conditioner sprays, styling gel, and the henna .  I have long, wavy hair and I can tell when I get out of the shower whether or not it is going to be a good hair day.  Some days I can just add the styling gel and let my hair dry but other times I have to blow dry it to get it to look nice.  I dry my hair with on ionizing blowdrier on heat and then when my hair is dry, I give it a blast of cool air.  Do you have any concerns/comments about blow-drying?


Re: Blow Drying

Dear Lissy

sounds great and thanks for going truly natural
one suggestion
you can put the styling gel in  a spray bottle and add water or Diamond crystal mist or volumizer mist using as much water as desired to thin out the gel
then simply mist on and let dry naturally. 
blow drying is Ok as long as one does not use hot air and uses it very seldom.  finish with cool is good
suggest getting the ends (split ends) cut off at least one per season.  Blunt cut the ends for max control

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