Topic: keeping a wedding day updo organic

I'm getting married in July and need advice on how to obtain a fresh, beautiful updo all day without using conventional products, for example, hairspray.  I've been using MM products for 3 years and love the shampoos, conditioners and gel.  I don't want to stray, not even for one day.  I had a trial updo and became sick from the conventional hairspray- which I haven't used in 10 years. I want my wedding day hair to be as healthy as every other day.  How can I use the organic products to keep my updo in place and healthy all day?

Re: keeping a wedding day updo organic

Congratulations on your soon to be Day of a life time Naturally

take our Blood of the Dragon Hair styling gel and put into a spray bottle then add water generally 25% gel and 75% water will do
then use this as your natural hair spray it works wonders.  one can adjust the % of gel to water depending on how much is needed to hold.

also hair comba/pins  here are very practical and helpful
look for  practical hair  combs and pins that will also help hold ones do up and comfortable all day long.

work with ones stylist with the spray gel and  hair combs and pins on a practice run.  and of course hair spray is NOT the answer for any reasons nor occasions
explain to ones stylist that your desires are to be Natural and freeing the whole day and have them work with you and communicate your desires clearly.

Wishing you a Truly Magical and Natural Wedding day and for the rest of time