Topic: Spring regeneration, new hair growth

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if anyone knows when the spring time growth should kick in, im sure its different for a lot of us, but so far , my hair looks as dead as it was in the winter. Im following all the spokes in the wheel and its been a year now, this is my first spring after going natural with MM for a year. Has anyone seen any spring growth yet ? 


Re: Spring regeneration, new hair growth

I've been using MM for about 3 1/2 years. At the same time, I increased my intake of protein, Omega 3 and Vitamin E, minerals, and began using my own skin care line and scalp treatment oil. I'm noticing year round heartier growth, more shedding, healthier hair, with new growth more noticeable after my second spring with MM. I am surprised to discover that within the last year to 1 1/2 years, my hair is growing noticeably faster. I didn't think this was possible, most claims for faster growth are false. My hair may very well completely recover from damage in 15-26 months. It's miraculous.

Re: Spring regeneration, new hair growth

wow, that is a long time, but better late than never, im happy for you.  i have increased my protein for sure. this technically is my second spring with MM but i started in the spring, so i dont know if i should count that one... If your hair is growing faster now and you have been on for 3 and half years, then i guess it really takes a long time to reverse the damage. I was hoping it would be faster. So after listening to your story, i guess if i dont see any progress this summer,, i will still continue for another year and hope i get the same results as you.  I dont know if your male or female,  but i would guess its harder for a male like myself?   thanks for responding to my post and giving me hope... take care

Re: Spring regeneration, new hair growth

I am female. The damage to my hair was a direct attack on it and resulting trauma, so it is not common. One thing I have learned, you can't "force" healing. Enjoy the unfolding. There is hope ;-)