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Topic: Clay Styling 'Putty'


I am looking for a matte, firm styling product to mimmic the feel I get when I have bicarbonate of soda residue or dried kefir in my hair.

Whilst I avoid chemicals and over processed goods, I've noticed that some of the big commercial manufacturers are marketing styling products featuring bentonite and rhassoul clays among others.  I was wondering whether it would be feasible or even advisable to attempt a homemade, natural version with just the clay, spring water/aloe and maybe a few essential oils.  I do use the 'Blood Of The Dragon' gel but would be interested in a 'scrunchy' longer term hold (although I do appreciate the conditioning). 

Any information or advice would be gratefully received,


Re: Clay Styling 'Putty'

for firming holds
one can use the white of any egg whipe up until foamy and use full strength or add to blood of the Dragon and dilute.

suggest not sleeping with this and rinsing it out before bedtime.

dont suggest using clay or Rhassaul clays as they are drying to the hair follicles.

hope this helps hold longer stronger and more natural

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