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To all of you who have posted about thyroid medication, Can you please tell me about your experience with Armour thyroid. I know this is the natural bioidentical hormone and much better than the synthetic versions. My thyroid levels came back low and I am seeing a hormone specialist in Jacksonville Beach, FL in May. I'm thinking this is what he will prescribe along with natural progesterone. I have low progesterone (estrogen dominance) as well. I just wanted to hear any info or stories about taking Armour. Did it help with hair loss at all? Did it make it worse? Or does it depend on the dosing? Any info will be helpful. Thanks so much, Jennifer

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Ive been on it for about 6 months, although i don't take as much as was prescribed.  i cut one pill in half.
initially i noticed more hair loss, but it seems to have stopped.  i think i'll continue taking it for one year and see what happens, but i'd like to get off of it if possible and focus more on other aspects of my health.

I can't tell if my hair is re-growing.  sometimes i think it is, other times i think it looks the same.  i seem to have alot of regrowth, but also alot of shedding at the same time.  idk, i've sort of thrown up my hands about it all...

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Thanks so much for sharing. When you saw the initial increase in shedding, how much was the increase? 10 more hairs per day? 50 more hairs? In the beginning, was the extra shedding noticable in your hair thickness (scalp showing, etc) or was the new regrowth enough to keep up with the extra loss? About how long did this increase last before going back to your previous loss rate? Also if you don't mind, what dosage of Armour are you taking? I really thought this was going to be something that would help, but i just don't know what to think????? I really don't want to go through an increase of shedding! Especially if regrowth can't keep up with the loss. I wonder what causes this increase??? Thanks again. It really helps to hear others real life experiences. Are you still using MM exclusively? nomicons/smile  Jennifer

Anyone else with Armour experience, please let me know. Thanks!

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I mostly noticed it looked thinner along the part near the hair line.  not noticeable to anyone by me.  But it's seemed to reach a plateau if you will, and is staying where it's at.
i think the pill is 12 mg and i take 1/2 per day.

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Thanks Kathyb. I got the Armour thyroid yesterday (mine are 30 mg!), but I am still thinking it over. I just wish there were more success stories out there. He also gave me natural progesterone. My body is hardly making any, and I am only 36. I am going to try the progesterone first and see if it helps with everthing (hair loss, anxiety, etc). Thanks again, Jennifer

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for anxiety suggest finding a good homeopathic practicioner doctor and do a natural remedy
there are many natural remedies
like accupuncture
great Health and education

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I agree anthony, and i wish i had tried that prior to starting the armour.

what has been helping in my case is avoiding caffiene (esp coffee, my love) and sweets, eating less breads and grains and taking prebiotics and probiotics.
i find i feel so much better when i stick to this sort of diet.  I strongly reccomend the probiotics to anyone with anxiety, low energy, and even hair loss.

I definitily notice less shedding too when i eliminate coffee and sweets.

the brand i use for probiotics is called Pearls.  I also take ACV and raw honey to add digestive enzymes, as well as several loose leaf teas that aid digestion.   

Accupunture helped with my anxiety, and i also found that i feel alot better after seeing a chiropractor.  of course, i went initially for back pain, but the relief i get from it has impacted my entire body.

i try to search out the best of the best when i comes to natural health practitioners, but in my experience, it is hard to find one that is really a purist when it comes to natural health care.....But, we do the best we can nomicons/wink